Program Priorities

The CRFC’s mandate is to provide support to campus and community radio stations in Canada and to foster a well-resourced, dynamic, and accessible sector.
It distributes funds under four priority areas.

Local Community News and Access

Local reflection in news, public affairs, arts, and culture; community access and outreach programming; and training and production, including:

  • Production of local news and community affairs programs.
  • Training for community news production staff.
  • Support for official language minority and third-language news programming.

Community Music and Expression

Programming and projects that highlight and promote local music and emerging artists, including:

  • Support to stations for outreach, acquisition, and archiving of local music, particularly in under-represented genres.
  • Assistance to record, digitize, and distribute recordings from local artists.

Emerging Distribution Technologies

Planning and implementation of systems to support new program delivery technologies, including:

  • Training staff and volunteers in the practical use of new communications technology.
  • Research of digital distribution techniques appropriate for community radio content.
  • Support for station computer technology and connectivity.

Sustainability and Capacity-Building

Skills and knowledge central to the ability of community radio stations to effectively serve their local communities, including:

  • Assistance to stations in core competency areas like governance, management, programming, volunteer support, community relations, and development.
  • Assistance to national community radio associations to provide key support services and resources to local stations.
  • Support for stations in communities underserved by other media, including rural areas.