Becoming a partner

Community radio gives a voice to the voiceless.

It is unique. It is different.

Community radio is created by and for the community.

It treats of local issues, supports emerging artists and aims to be a learning space.

The CRFC is a unique organization. There is no other entity dedicated to funding the campus and community radio sector in Canada. And given our structure, we are particularly well-placed to see that this support is meeting the current needs of the sector while ensuring it is being used effectively and has impact.

We are an excellent funding partner. Our founders and volunteers have worked to create an accountable and meaningful fund, one that both our stations and funders can trust. Contributing to the impact that the sector has on its listenership and communities, the CRFC provides stations with the resources needed to continue providing local programming and community access, as well as for the development and enrichment of this vital component of the Canadian broadcasting system.

The CRFC can create a wide variety of funding programs under our program priority areas. And as the CRFC and its stations are committed to such principles as localism and access, respect for and promotion of the official languages of Canada, diversity and multiculturalism, social justice, and high quality programming and innovation, we can create programs that are relevant for both funder and recipient station.

Please contact us to discuss the ways in which we can collaborate together.