Radiometres is the cornerstone of the funding currently distributed by the CRFC and has been running since 2012. A new round of programming is launched each year in January.

Applications for Radiometres 2021-2022 are now closed!
The 2022-2023 round will open in January 2022.

To view the webinar presented on February 23rd 2021, click here: RM 2021-2022 Webinar

Deadline: Friday March 12th 2021 – 3:00 pm EST

Radiometres is characterized by an outcome-based approach. It is designed to offer the funding that the stations need by being flexible enough to find a wide range of activities, but also maintains a focus on measuring success and progress for each project funded.


Local Community News and Access
Local reflection in news, public affairs, and arts and culture; community access and outreach programming, including training and production.

Community Music and Expression
Programming and projects that highlight and promote local music and emerging artists.

Emerging Distribution Technologies
Planning and implementation of systems to support new program delivery technologies.

Sustainability and Capacity-Building
Skills and knowledge central to the ability of community radio stations to effectively serve their local communities.

These outcomes were chosen to reflect the aims of CRFC funding as well as the desired impact of funding awarded on the campus and community radio sector and the broader canadian broadcasting system.

By targeting these outcomes over the long-term, the CRFC hopes to foster the development and sustanability of campus and community radios, and volunteer participation. We are on the right track! To date, Radiometres has had a significant impact on the sector by allowing 124 stations to :


Produce over 34,790 hours of new local programming

Create 785 paid positions

Allow 2 079 volunteers to contribute, 3 871 new volunteers to be recruited, and training to be offered to 1 474 volunteers

Create 338 new partnerships with local community organizations and participate in 308 local event